Some ways to improve your rack for Scrabble game

Scrabble game is a famous word game but players feel frustrated with forming words from the random letters on your rack. Have you ever learnt about the strategies for improving the rack? In this article, I will talk about ways to improve or increase your rack.

Firstly, rack balance.

This means that your rack must have a good mix of vowels and consonants. What can you make to have a good combination?  You should focus on three vowels and four consonants.scrabble help A balance between vowels and consonants is the best way to help you have many potential words to play this game, and it also boosts your ability of playing a bingo. But how can you balance your rack?

To get a balanced rack you must prepare to compromise several points. You usually play for the highest scoring word but sometimes they are consonant-heavy and vowel-heavy. Thus, it often should pay attention to choose a different word, however it will have a fewer point and it can increase opportunities of balanced rack on your next move.

Secondly, letter synergy.

As you know, combination letters is an important factor. Some letters are combined with together better than others; letters which combined with are considered a good mix of vowels and consonants. You should make more weight to mix of vowels and consonants which work well together. For example, you should think about the letters C and H. In many words, the two letters will make the single CH sound. With this case, it will have many consonants than if you had a mixing as B and V.

Thirdly, tile tracking.

Tile tracking aims to practice of saving track of which tiles remains by crossing letters on your score page when they played. When the tile bag begins to decrease your choices must have been swayed by knowledge of which tiles still unseen.

And in some cases, you are stuck at this game. You can use an online tool. Scrabble helper is used to build value words from your letters on rack. This tool will help them to make all the words and help players get the highest score in playing game.

Now you know some ways to improve your rack, are you ready to win this game? With using methods to improve your rack and online tool you can become an amateur player.

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