Help On Scrabble Dictionary

Help on Scrabble Dictionary

This Scrabble helper has all the updated dictionaries you need to win Scrabble each and every time. When you choose the correct word list, you will be provided with the most up-to-date information online with immediate results. There are many versions of the Scrabble dictionary. It depends on where in the world you are playing Scrabble and at what level of gameplay you are a participant of. This site offers many free Scrabble word finding tools to get you at a top playing level. It provides a drop-down menu of the different dictionaries for you to select from as well as important word lists to learn and memorize to improve your overall game. The Scrabble Word Finder feature provides a detailed Scrabble analysis of the word, including all possible definitions and anagrams, along with a link to wikipedia for reference. Practicing your anagrams is a great way to succeed in the game of Scrabble. If you use this tool daily, you can quickly unscramble anagrams which is crucial in the game of Scrabble. The dictionaries on this site will also show you the synonym and antonym of any word and lists all the versions of the dictionaries where a particular word can be found.

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In addition, the points of the word are listed next to each word in the list of results. This resource quickly determines which dictionary version of the Scrabble game permits the use of the word. For example, there are many words that are permissible in the U.S. dictionary version of Scrabble that are not acceptable in the U.K. dictionary version of the game, and vice versa. This free cheat tool also has a word building tool where you can search for the addition of a prefix or suffix to increase your points. Using this Scrabble dictionary can help you improve your game all while learning new vocabulary words. You can also improve your spelling skills as you continuously look up new words. Another way to improve your skills is to play with others who play the game often. When you practice every day playing online, you can get better at the game. Furthermore, if possible, play with more advanced players so you can observe how they connect words, what their strategies are, and what words they use. Playing online with many different players who are at various playing levels can drastically help your gameplay strategies. When you play against Scrabble players who are amateurs, you may not get better over time. It is a good idea to play with much more advanced players, even above-average players, so that you can improve your game and compare and contrast word scores and final game scores. You should always verify that you are using the same dictionary and your opponent should be using the same one for reference so that there is no confusion at any time when a word is challenged. However, if you use this Scrabble dictionary helper, you will never need to worry about this issue. It is safe to say that all versions of the Scrabble dictionary do not permit the use of apostrophized, capitalized (such as proper nouns) and hyphenated words. Acronyms and abbreviations are also unacceptable. Two of the most popular word lists used in competitions are TWL and SOWPODS, which is also know as ‘Collins’. In tournaments that take place in Canada, USA, Israel, and Thailand, OWL2 is the official point of reference. THE OSPD4 is used for school and home use. The OWL2 and the OSPD4 were published using a combination of five collegiate dictionaries. The Collins Scrabble dictionary is used in all other countries.


  1. From the drop down menu, select the appropriate dictionary depending on which game you are playing and where (which country) you are playing from–TWL06, SOWPODS, OSPD4, ENABLE, OWL2.
  2. In the RACK box, enter your letters to find the best possible word by clicking on SEARCH. Use a question mark to designate a blank tile.
  3. If you want to use a specific beginning or ending for a word by using existing letters on the board, enter the letter or set of letters that your word must begin or end with in the PREFIX or SUFFIX box accordingly.
  4. Select SCORE to filter results by maximum point value, or select LENGTH to filter results by the number of letters in a word.